Sunday School


Sunday School runs from 9:30AM to 10:30AM from the Sunday after Labor Day through the end of April.  Families are encouraged to enroll their children at any time throughout the school year.  All children are welcomed regardless of background or experience with Christian education.



    Jeannie Bull
    Ashley Perkins



    Pre-K to Grade 1 – Ashley Perkins, Dan Wheeler

    Grade 2 to Grade 4 – Kathy Driscoll

    Grade 5 to Grade 7 – Rev. Alan Scott

    Grade 8 through High School –Beth Richmond

    Adult Bible Study Moderator – Lind Bayreuther
    Music - Linda Sutherland

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Adult Bible Study - September, 2018

Adult Bible Study - September 2016

First day of Sunday School -  September, 2018

First day of Sunday School - September, 2016


First Day of Sunday School - September 2014

First day of Sunday School - September, 2014