The Flanders Baptist and Community Church is committed to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ and to serving one another. We’re a friendly church and all are welcome.

Our denominational affiliation is with the American Baptist Convention.

Worship Services


September - June

Sunday Morning service    11:00 AM

Wednesday Night service    7:00 PM


July - August

Sunday Morning service     9:30 AM

Photo by Janet Holtz - 2018

Sunday Morning Service
Flanders Baptist Church & Community Church (Baptist Church) in East Lyme, CT

The young children gather at the front of the church to hear the pastor's children's story. After that, they may go with two of the older children into the Sunday School for activities or they may stay with their parents to hear the sermon.  


These children's stories and sermons are examples from three Sunday services.



God's Strength

God's Help

God's Promise             

COVID-19 Procedure - indoor service at 11:00AM
The indoor service will be broadcast on FM 93.1 for those that wish to remain in their car or listen from the grass in front of the church.


Masks will be provided on request.